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The Mobile Phone Becomes Self-Aware: Introducing Nokia's Mobile Bots

Når det værktøj du bruger mest bliver den ven som kender dig bedst ...

The tool you use the most becomes the friend who knows you the best ...


Despite the heavy press coverage of smartphone operating systems like iPhone and Android, sometimes the most intriguing mobile innovations come from other companies. Case in point: Nokia's newly released "bots" for its Nokia N97 line of handsets. These four individual software programs run in the background, learning your mobile habits by passively collecting data on how you use your phone. After gaining a sense of your daily tasks and routines, the bots personalize your phone, doing everything from rearranging your applications based on usage to automating the switch between mobile profiles.Incredible!

Four Smart Bots

There are four distinct mobile bots now available as a bundled download here from Nokia Labs, the community site featuring beta, non-commercialized programs for Nokia handsets.

Currently, the collection includes the following:

  • Profile Bot: This bot automates switching between mobile profiles - like switching to "silent" mode when you're in a meeting and switching back to normal mode when the meeting is over. The bot can be configured to suggest profile changes that can be activated with a single click or it can be set to full automation.
  • Alarm Bot: The alarm bot learns when you go to bed and when you wake up. At night, the bot suggests alarms and profile changes via your homescreen. With a single click, you can set the phone to silent mode and create a new alarm to wake you in the morning.
  • Shortcut Bot: The shortcut bot learns what mobile applications you use the most and updates your homescreen accordingly. The bot reconfigures your phone's homescreen to feature shortcuts to your most frequently used applications. As your habits change, the bot updates these links.
  • Battery Bot: This bot keeps an eye on your battery's status. If your battery needs a recharge before bedtime, you're reminded to plug it in.

In combination, what these bots deliver is a more adaptive UI and mobile phone experience. As your behaviors change, the bots learn and their suggestions change. More importantly, you don't have to configure these bots - they figure everything out on their own.

Currently, the bots work on Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini handsets only. [...]

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