torsdag den 27. november 2008

ESRI JS API: Custom vs. Out-of-the-Box Services

Dave har styr på sagerne - parallelle task lavet som du vil have dem ...

Dave knows things - parallel tasks made the way you want them ...


The idea here is pretty simple - instead of using  the out of the box tasks and the REST API, I create my own "tasks" (not real "tasks" in the ESRI parlance - just classes which request and process data) that make calls back to a custom service that does what I want, how I want it.


We've done this a number of ways... in all cases we write custom code in one or more "worker classes" that live in a standard class library assembly. Depending on the requirements, these worker classes can be designed to run on a SOC box (i.e. they make direct ArcObjects calls w/o ServerContext.CreateObject), they can run on a web server (i.e. use ServerContext.CreateObject) or if it needs to scale out across a lot of SOC boxes, they can be packaged as Server Object Extensions. Regardless, at the core they are just a set of methods, and so we have another assembly with unit tests that ensures that these methods work as expected. [...]

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