torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

Amazon launches WindowShop: A 3D shopping experience

Se bøger i 3D? Kender du PicLens? Hvis ja så kender du konceptet, men du har sikkert ikke set det med bøger, film og spil ... alt sammen med lyd på ....

See books in 3D? Have you seen PicLens? Then you know the concept but probably not with books, movies and games ... all with sounds ...


WindowShop is a new content-viewing layer for If you've ever used Cooliris' PicLens before, you'll feel right at home, as WindowShop turns Amazon's selection of online goods into a giant wall, which you can scroll back and forth across, and zoom in and out of to find things to buy. The tool was built by Amazon and runs entirely off its S3 storage service.


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