fredag den 24. oktober 2008

Using Dojo dijits with the ArcGIS JavaScript API

Der er mere end hvad øjet ser ...

There is more than meets the eye ...


A nice thing about the ArcGIS JavaScript API being built on top of the Dojo toolkit is that you can use Dojo widgets, or "dijits", to add prepackaged user interface components to your applications. Dojo has a bunch of existing dijits you can choose from such as text boxes, buttons, menus, calendars, color pickers, and so on. The online Book of Dojo has a nice overview of the Dijit library that you can use to browse the dijits.

Dijits have been tested to behave consistently in different browsers and comply with accessibility and localization requirements. The dijit framework is extensible, so with a little ambition you can even create your own dijits.

Custom map dijit made up of other dijits


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