torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

ESRI EMEA User Conference 2008: Insurance & Integration

GIS og forsikringer ... Betal for noget du håber aldrig at få brug for.

GIS and insurances ... Pay for something you hope you'll never need.


Timothy Mitchell, RSA Group delivered a keynote presentation that focused upon the topic of insurance. “Pay now and never hear from us again” he stated. “How many of you have heard this from an insurance company?” Mitchell scratched his head wondering how such a business model came to be, wondering how many people contemplate paying for services they never hear about - and do so happily.

Timothy Mitchell, RSA Group

More to the point, Mitchell could point to the use of GIS in insurance applications today, but could also point to the issues of historical disasters such as the waves of 1580 that killed 120, the storm surge of 1607 that killed 2000, the storm of 1703 that resulted in 8000 fatalities and a volcano of 1783-84 in Ireland that killed 20,000 people.


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