torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

The Internet's on Shaky Ground

Lige som vi troede at det gik så godt opdager vi at græsset er grønnere på den anden side ... 

Just as we thought we were doing well we discover that the grass IS greener on the other side ...


The Internet is built wrong.

Well, OK, not so much “wrong” as “not the best it could be.” But for all its problems, we can’t rationalize a radical departure from the technologies that currently comprise the Internet. Why?

There’s a software engineering philosophy called Worse Is Better that’s been around for a good 18 years. In that time, it’s come to mean that an inferiorly designed system or piece of software may be more successful than its better-designed competitor, based on subjective or unexpected market criteria. A perfect modern example is that, while most Web applications are poor facsimiles of their desktop counterparts, they’re successful because there’s nothing to install and collaboration is a snap.


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