fredag den 31. oktober 2008

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon, Google, and VMware

Når det regner og er gråvejr er det nogen gange svært at forestille sig at solen er lige oppe over ... Men vi kommer sikkert til at holde af skyerne en dag ...

When it's raining and grey it is sometimes hard to believe that the sun is up anove ... But we will probably eventually come to love the clouds ... Just singing in the rain ...


It is obviously too early to declare a clear winner here. Below is a feature-by-feature comparison table. Here’s a quick summary for each of them.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Currently in early private beta but boasts an impressive set of APIs, great development story, and a promise for good enterprise integration.

Amazon Web Services

The most mature solution on the market and the first one to exit beta. Offers basic cloud infrastructure required (compute power to run virtual machines, storage, communication queues, database) and allows you to fully control your virtual machines and run your LAMP- or Microsoft-stack applications any way you like.

Google App Engine

Boasts the “drop your code and we’ll figure out the rest” approach taking care of all the scalability and infrastructure management for you.

VMware vCloud

A pre-announced solution promising to let you simply take your standard VMware virtual appliances and run them anywhere: on-premise or in a datacenter of any provider supporting VMware’s infrastructure.


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