fredag den 24. oktober 2008

GeoServer Benchmarks at FOSS4G 2008

GIS server drag race !!!

GIS server drag racing !!!


There are some questions that are asked quite frequently by people who are using GeoServer, or who are thinking about doing so. And certain ones can’t be so easily answered as those in our FAQ. One of the most common I see is this:

“GeoServer is nifty, but is it fast?”

Clearly some benchmarks are needed. Testing was first done at a presentation at FOSS4G 2007 by Justin Deolivera (OpenGeo) and Brock Anderson (Refractions Research). They chose to compare performance of GeoServer against MapServer, another popular open-source GIS. The presentation was well-received and showed off the strengths and weaknesses in both servers.


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