fredag den 31. oktober 2008

How to build Facebook for Enterprise

Obama viste hvad en Facebook klon kunne udrette - nu mangler han blot at gå hele vejen ...

Obama has shown what you can do with a Facebook clone - and he might go all the way ...


So Facebook’s Dustin Moskovitz is leaving Facebook to develop a killer version of the platform for the enterprise. Is that something totally new and should all email/collaboration vendors now run in panic? What should Dustin’s killer app be in order to be successful?

Well, obviously the attempt is not new. These days everyone is kind of expecting the tools which got successful with consumers to take the enterprise by storm and leave the old email/documents-on-a-file-share days to history.

There are even some products available today ranging from Microsoft’s SharePoint and lots of open source wiki engines, to a WorkLight (Facebook application adding enterprise security), to Twitter clones (such as, to SocialText’s attempt to merge them all.


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