onsdag den 28. januar 2009

Digital pen puts GIS to work

James Bond - her er din nye super gadget ...

Super cool ...


By Patrick Marshall
Sometimes the simple innovations make the biggest splash. The paper clip is a good example. [...]

The pen contains an integrated digital camera and an image microprocessor. As a user writes with the pen it takes digital snapshots – at the rate of 75 shots per second – of the markings made on the hard-copy map. The data is stored in the pen’s on-board memory until it is docked to a computer. The user then has the opportunity to review all the collected data and selectively process it into the appropriate GIS file. [...]

“Time-saving is the biggest benefit,” Marino said. “I can hand the pen to a policeman who has never seen GIS and show him how to check off the features and place them on the map and he can do that in five minutes.” [...]

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