onsdag den 28. januar 2009

More Open-Source Goodies for Flash API Developers: DragZoomControl, MarkerTracker




You know what's awesome about open-source code written in one language? It's fairly easy to port it over to a similar language, and suddenly it's useful for a completely new audience. That's what's happening in our open-source JavaScript/AS3 Maps API utility libraries, and I'm loving it. Check out the most recent ports:

DragZoomControl: This custom control lets user drag a rectangle on the map to zoom in to just that area, and it's one of my personal favorite ways of drilling down on a map (particularly since I'm usually on a laptop, without a scroll-wheel mouse). The port comes courtesy of developer Brian Richardson. Check out the demo or the reference.
MarkerTracker: This class lets you assign "trackers" to markers, so that when a marker moves out of the visible viewport, a ghost marker and arrow points in the direction of the tracked marker. For maps where there's one very important marker/POI, it's a great way of showing the user how to get back to the original marker. This port comes courtesy of developer Michael Menzel. Check out the demo or reference.
KMLParser: The KML parsing classes, which were a minimal port of the C++ libkml library, now have support for KML styles. This enhancement comes from developer Cecil Reid. Check out the demo or reference.

Thanks to all the developers helping to grow the library! If you're a developer with some code to contribute, just follow the steps in the wiki to get involved.

Read more: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/2009/01/more-open-source-goodies-for-flash-api.html

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