torsdag den 29. januar 2009

Digital Planet

BBC er et af de få medier som jeg har hørt som virkelig har forstået at gå i dybden med kort og GIS og brugen af dette i bredere forum ... Tak for det BBC ...

BBC is one of the few traditional medias with an insight into maps and GIS and the usage og these in a wider forum ... Thank you BBS ...



This week, a special edition all about the Geographic web.

Google Maps in Brazil 
Google is adapting its web-based mapping application to cell phones and other portable devices. Marcello Quintella is geo project manager at Google’s Brazilian Headquarters in the city of Belo Horizonte. He shows Gareth some of the latest features bringing maps to your mobile. Using an Android-powered handset, he walks Gareth through some of its latest geo features:

Google maps

Google Android

Gareth goes on a 21st century treasure hunt with Gill Clough PhD student at the Open University in England. ‘Geocaching’is a technological twist on the age-old pastime of treasure hunts – where players swap compasses and cryptic notes pinned to trees for GPS devices and geo-enabled mobile phones to track down hidden treasure. Here, the treasure is called a cache – hence the term ‘geocaching’. Gareth goes on his first geocache to find out why its becoming so popular around the world




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