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ASP.NET MVC + Dojo vs. ADO.NET Data Services + Silverlight

Dave er nok noget af det mest nørdede der kan opdrives ...

Get the point? No doubt Dave knows what he's talking about ...



Before diving in, I should mention that the context for this comparison is line-of-business, forms-over-data applications. Mapping is an element of the application, but we are not talking about map-centric applications (I may do another post on that later). The application that I'm specifically looking at has more than 40 screens of forms, backing into a data model with more than 100 tables. [...]

ASP.NET MVC + Dojo Service Model

Service Model


In my mind, the ability to rapidly configure a database for access via REST, and at the same time setup a browser agnostic, rich user interface with data binding sets the Silverlight + ADO.NET Data Services far ahead of the more traditional ASP.NET MVC + Dojo model, and I've your team already has .NET chops, this is just an extension of the existing skills. Additionally, I think that Silverlight 3 will up the ante again, with more controls, and even better tooling to streamline this development process.

That said, for the particular application was looking at, we are sticking with ASP.NET MVC + Dojo for two reasons: 1) the database "sub optimal" so we'd have a LOT of work making it play nice with the Entity Framework, and 2) we are about half done, and the client wants a consistent look/feel across the entire application. Switching to Silverlight would require re-doing what we already have, and while I think development would be faster, it would be able to make up the difference. We will seriously look at Silverlight + ADO.NET Data Services for new line-of-business projects, including some upcoming product development. [...]

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