lørdag den 4. april 2009

Expanding your RESTful architecture with ArcGIS Server

Hvad med RESTen af koden?

Rest in peace and leave it all to rest ...


[...] Much has been written in the ESRI realm about the power and utility of COM utilities and Server Object Extensions (SOEs).  Don’t assume that the RESTful nature of your architecture needs to stop where the ESRI REST API or the ASP.NET MVC toolbox does.  That’s the beauty of REST…bolting together high performance, URI-based services and application components that may or may not be of your own making.  Surfacing custom server side components in this way provides an excellent means to providing focused, high performance applications with advanced capabilities not currently available in the ArcGIS Server SOAP and REST APIs.  This approach encapsulates (hides) complexity from the user, is highly performant, and represents a simple reorganization of technologies most of us geo-geeks are already used to using. [..]

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