søndag den 12. april 2009

SpinVox has a job to understand everyone.

Tal til din blog ... 

Speak up and blog out ...


But it’s the one job it’s very good at. How does it do it? It captures spoken words and feeds them into a Voice Message Conversion System, known as ‘D2’ (the Brain), and spits them out as text content.

So D2’s pretty smart. It’s bound to be, as D2’s a combination of artificial intelligence, voice recognition and natural linguistics. But it also knows what it doesn’t know and is able to call on human experts for assistance. It learns all the time about how we speak, and what we say, from the mundane to the ridiculous and so is able to convert what you mean to say.

Over the past four years D2 has been chomping through our words, learning thousands of new words every week and converting millions of messages from millions of different voices and accents, in English, French, Spanish and German. But now it’s onto the main course and wants to feast on your words to become bigger and stronger.

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