tirsdag den 7. april 2009

Web Trend Map 4

Flot grafik ... mange informationer ... men et rigtig godt øjebliksbillede af den teknologiske verden som den ser ud lige nu ...

Nice graphics ... a lot of information ... that said it's a great frozen image of the technological world right now ...


Not really geospatial, other than it's a beautiful map and mentions geospatial technologies, but there you go: the web trend map 4 (via Baliz). It's really worth to take a look at that map if you ask me. Not directly related, Direction Mag offers a very long article named The Evolution of Geospatial Technology Calls for Changes in Geospatial Research, Education and Government Management. The conclusion: "Just as the significance of the Web could not be widely appreciated until the necessary Web standards had been in place for a few years, we believe that all the domains of geospatial technology and application are about to experience a remarkable transformation due to global adoption of open standard geospatial Web service interfaces and encodings. The rich "network effects" made possible by chained Web services, GRID computing, sensor webs, geospatial semantics, and online catalogs for data, services and schemas hold great promise, but there is no guarantee that this promise will be fulfilled. The question is, can we find the institutional will - in academia and government - to make changes that enable societies around the world to make the most of these new tools? "

Read more: http://informationarchitects.jp/web-trend-map-4-final-beta/

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