fredag den 10. april 2009

Today is tomorrow’s past

Jeg har haft lignende tanker ... tænk om man havde haft lignende mængder af data idag ... tænk om man kunne tage en 'køretur' rundt i byen som den så ud da din mor og far var børn ... Det vil være muligt for vores børnebørn ...

I have had similar thoughts ... imagine if we had the same amount of data available today ... imagine if you could take 'drive' around town at the time when your parents were children ... That will be possible for our grand children ...


Street View might be pretty amazing now but it’s only going to get more amazing. Even if the technology stays exactly the same — which it won’t, it will only get better — Google Street View will become increasingly gob-smacking as the decades pass.

Imagine in, say, 2059 looking up a location on Google Maps and being able to dial the view back fifty years to see what that building looked like in 2009. Zoom back and forth in time to see how the place changed as decades flip by. That will be amazing.

The Street View images we have today, and those generated subsequently, will become increasingly fascinating as the years and decades and centuries go by. Imagine being able to look at where you live as it was in 1709. That’s what it’ll be like for someone looking back on today’s Street View imagery in 2309.

Except by then, of course, we won’t be looking at Street View on a monitor. The images will be projected onto our vision as we look at the real building and we’ll be able to simply flip back to see our surroundings as they looked in the past. I remember walking through my home town a couple of decades ago wishing such a tool existed. I couldn’t imagine how it could work then. Now I can. [...]

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