mandag den 13. april 2009

Google Earth Coordinates In Multiple Projections With Plex.Mark

Det hele ville være så meget nemmere hvis jorden var flad ...

A lot of things would be so much easier if the Earth was flat ...


By default, Google Earth uses latitude/longitude as its coordinate system, with WGS84 as the datum. In the Tools section, you can choose to display lat/long in decimal degrees, degrees/decimal minutes, or degrees/minutes/seconds. You can also set the displayed coordinate system to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)/WGS84, a coordinate system often used on maps. But for other coordinate systems and datums in Google Earth, you’re out of luck.

Plex.Mark is a small helper app for Google Earth that, to a limited degree, can show you the position in the center of the Google Earth in many other coordinate systems. After installing and running the program, Google Earth will open up, and the Plex.Mark dashboard will overlay the display, always on top:

4-7-2009-8.51.15 PM

Clicking the “Zone” dropdown brings up a list of regions and countries to choose from:

4-7-2009-8.52.53 PM


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