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eSpatial Web GIS as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Business Intelligence ... GIS er øjet som ser ... 

Business Intelligence ... GIS is the eye that sees ...


eSpatial’s Web GIS capabilities transform the way businesses make decisions by bridging the gap between consumer mapping applications such as Google Maps, traditional corporate GIS services and business intelligence. 

Based on its 2008 GITA Innovation of the Year award-winning work with Verizon Telecom, eSpatial enabled Verizon to integrate core aspects of network planning, engineering and key workflows, geographic and related business data throughout a telco operation with finance, sales, marketing, customer service and all other departmental data into online graphically based maps for rapid and better decision making throughout the organization. The achieved goal was to design a solution that offered universal access to information, streamlined deployment with rapid installation and reduced total cost of ownership through a one-platform solution which integrated easily with existing business systems.

About Web GIS “In The Cloud” from eSpatial
eSpatial’s Web GIS is running “in the cloud” using Amazon and Oracle. It provides rapid return on investment by simplifying the need for maintaining disparate and redundant applications for every department in a telco operation. Its security features provide privacy as well as transparency without the need to secure additional IT resources for large-scale deployments. 
eSpatial offers full function Web GIS including:

• Viewing and Analysis
• Labeling
• Editing
• Dynamic Snapping
• Printing
• Thematics and
• Query Building capabilities.

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