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ArcExplorerer 900 is available for download

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A new version of ArcGIS Explorer is now available to download at:

What's New in ArcGIS Explorer

ArcGIS Explorer is a free, downloadable GIS viewer that provides an easy way to explore, visualize, share, and present geographic information. The latest release of ArcGIS Explorer has many new features and capabilities that make it ideal for providing wider access to your GIS data and capabilities.

The new features are described below and you can also view the online slideshow.

New user experience

The new release of ArcGIS Explorer introduces a ribbon-based user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. Functionality is presented in the context of what you are doing, and the various controls include integrated tool tips.

Basemap gallery

The basemap gallery contains a variety of ready-to-use ArcGIS Online maps that you can choose from, including imagery, transportation, streets, physical, and more. Bing ™ Maps (imagery, hybrid, roads) are also included. Click to choose a new basemap while maintaining the order and appearance of other layers in your map. Easily add your own basemaps to the gallery by choosing Save As, then New Basemap.

Integrated 2D/3D display

ArcGIS Explorer now includes an integrated 2D/3D display which can be toggled on-the-fly, providing complete control over your visualization experience. You can choose which mode works best for your data, and save your maps to open in one mode or the other.

Enhanced data support

Data support has been improved with the following:

  • A consistent user experience is presented for all content, with enhanced access to all supported local data and services.
  • ArcGIS Desktop layer files (*.lyr) and layer packages (*.lpk - introduced at ArcGIS 9.3.1) are now supported. Layer files and layer packages enable ArcGIS Explorer to leverage ArcGIS Desktop cartography.
  • Improved KML / KMZ support.

Easy to configure and customize

Application configurations provide an easy way to configure and customize ArcGIS Explorer, and enable you to tailor ArcGIS Explorer for specific users, tasks, or workflows. Configurations are created and managed using the Application Configuration Manager, and configurations are saved and stored as a single file (*.ncfg). Application configurations do not require programming, and multiple configurations can be authored and centrally managed.


ArcGIS Explorer includes new capabilities that enable you to create dynamic and interactive presentations that include your own maps and data. Add titles and overlays, show popups, toggle layers, and more. Maps can be saved to open in presentation mode, including automatic slide advancement.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online provides continually updated and ready-to-use basemaps and layers for ArcGIS Explorer. The ArcGIS Explorer basemap gallery lets you choose from a wide variety of ArcGIS Online basemaps.

ArcGIS Online also provides an online library of maps, layers, and tools for GIS users. ArcGIS Explorer users can discover a variety of shared resources from ESRI and from other contributors.

ArcGIS Explorer hosts two groups on ArcGIS Online:

  • ArcGIS Explorer – provides selected maps and layers of particular interest to ArcGIS Explorer users.
  • ArcGIS Explorer Labs – unsupported samples and examples from the ArcGIS Explorer team.

Bing™ Maps Services

Microsoft Bing Maps (formerly known as Virtual Earth) services, including aerial imagery, aerials with labels, and streets, are now available to ArcGIS Explorer users. Bing Maps are included in the basemap gallery.
These services are free for ArcGIS Desktop users and available in ArcGIS Explorer for free if using ArcGIS Desktop. For standalone ArcGIS Explorer users, Bing Maps are available on a subscription basis.


ArcGIS Explorer is now fully localized and supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.


The coordinate system used to display your map can be chosen in 2D mode. Data you add is projected on-the-fly onto your map or globe. All ArcGIS projections and transformations are supported.

ArcGIS Explorer SDK

The ArcGIS Explorer SDK has been redesigned with Microsoft .NET usability in mind, and also to reflect the new capabilities in ArcGIS Explorer. Use the SDK to create new buttons, dockable windows, galleries and extensions for ArcGIS Explorer. Customizations are easily packaged and delivered as add-ins.

Expansion Packs

Expansion packs add new capabilities and resources to the core ArcGIS Explorer, and can be found on the ArcGIS Explorer download page. Expansion packs include:

  • ArcGIS Explorer Data Access – provides support for direct connect to multiuser geodatabases.
  • ArcGIS Explorer Fonts – adds ESRI fonts for use with ArcGIS Explorer. These are useful when displaying ArcGIS layer files and layer packages.
  • ArcGIS Explorer Projection Engine – adds more projections and transformations for use within ArcGIS Explorer.

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