søndag den 23. august 2009

Collaborative real-time map editing with MapSpread

Et produkt a la Mapspread burde være en del af kommunernes borger-rettede produkt suite ...

Easy and simple ... but how do you maintain and update data ...



  • Collaborative real-time map editing
  • Import your data from spreadsheets, KML, ESRI Shapefiles or MapInfo TAB files
  • Geocode your addresses
  • Centrally manage your geodata
  • Create interactive maps with your data
  • Publish your data as KML, GeoJSON, GeoRSS, CSV, ESRI Shapefile and MapInfo feeds
  • Powerful access-control management
  • Lightweight and fun to use
  • Runs in all popular browsers
  • No plugins or downloads are required!

Read more: http://www.mapspread.com/

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