fredag den 14. august 2009

GeoWeb Standards – Current Problems

Den tredje artikel i en serie ... Følg linket og læs det hele ... Jeg har kun klippet den del som belyser den store tomrum der er imellem de simple geografiske repræsentationer og de alt for ambitiøse ...

Third article out of three ... Go read it all .. I just stumbled over the last bit about the Missing Middle Ground ... Either too simple or too complex ...


Missing Middle Ground

GeoWeb Standards - Missing Middle Ground.jpg

Amongst the plethora of formats, we’re really missing some middle ground. Each of these formats are quite independent and unique of one another, with little cross pollination and linking occuring.

  • Why can’t my KML file link to Atom updates and also to other formats?
  • Can OpenSearch describe my tile pyramid?
  • How do I describe my path through life, media, events, places I’ve lived, worked, and people I’ve known?

We too easily get caught either in this “this format must solve all possible problems”, or “it’s good enough so why change it”. In between we need to converge to understand use cases, and how these formats and specifications can cross various barriers – connecting the experts with the amateurs, the citizens and the authorities, one with another. [...]

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