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Google Earth in Sanskrit - Bhuvan

Det kræver at du opretter dig som bruger og så er det ellers der ud ad ... Download en plugin (hav tålmodighed 10-15 minutter) og så sker det ... Dog ikke hvis du anvender Chrome ... Men så kan du f.eks. tilføje lokale shape filer ...

You gotta create an account but after that you are free to go ... Download a plugin (takes a while - be patient, 10 - 15 minutes) and then you are off ... Unless you use Chrome then you're stuck ... If not stuck you may be able to add your own shape files ...


Basic features of Bhuvan:

  • Access, explore and visualise 2D and 3D image data along with rich thematic information on Soil, wasteland, water resources etc.
  • Visualise multi-resolution, multi-sensor, multi-temporal image data
  • Superpose administrative boundaries of choice on images as required
  • Visualisation of AWS ( Automatic Weather Stations) data/information in a graphic view and use tabular weather data of user choice
  • Fly to locations ( Flies from the current location directly to the selected location)
  • Heads-Up Display ( HUD) naviation controls ( Tilt slider, north indicator, opacity, compass ring, zoom slider)
  • Navigation using the 3D view Pop-up menu (Fly-in, Fly out, jump in, jump around, view point)
  • 3D Fly through (3D view to fly to locations, objects in the terrain, and navigate freely using the mouse or keyboard)
  • Drawing 2D objects (Text labels, polylines, polygons, rectangles, 2D arrows, circles, ellipse)
  • Drawing 3D Objects (placing of expressive 3D models, 3D polygons, boxes)
  • Snapshot creation (copies the 3D view to a floating window and allows to save to a external file)
  • Measurement tools (Horizontal distance, aerial distance, vertical distance, measure area)
  • Shadow Analysis (it sets the sun position based on the given time creating shadows and effects the lighting on the terrain)
  • There would be many more value added functions and facilities which will be added into the package from time to time.
  • Particular interest of ISRO/DOS would be to provide such functionalities to common man so that he/she adopts participatory approach with scientists to solve simple problems easily and interactively.

Advanced functionalities to be provided in future versions

    Urban Design Tools (to build roads, junctions and traffic lights in an urban setting)
    • Contour map ( Displays a colorized terrain map and contour lines)
    • Terrain profile ( Displays the terrain elevation profile along a path)
    • Draw tools (Creates simples markers, free hand lines, urban designs)
    • Navigation map (to jump to and view locations in the 3D India)

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