mandag den 10. august 2009

Mobile 3D City 3D Cities in the palm of your hand !

En by i hånden er bedre end 10 i Langbortistan ...

I got the whole world in my hand ... or just the city ...


Here it is ! The Mobile 3D City application : Paris 3D has been submitted yesterday as an Apple iPhone application !

After almost twenty man-years of R&D over a four year period, here it is, the first embodiment in a collection that will rapidly expand as each newopus is added.
What is Mobile 3D City ? It is a collection of tourism guides developed specifically for mobile terminals (currently iPhone), in truly photo-realist 3D format, which is interactive and includes numerous points of interest. For a demonstration, please watch the video below. It’s spectacular and yet remains both intuitive and practical ! User instructions are available in PDF format here (link). [...]

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