mandag den 31. august 2009

Scents of the City

Da jeg var i New York første gang som en lille knægt (og med lugtesansen i behold) synes jeg at der lugtede rigtigt grimt ... Tænk sig at skulle leve i det hver dag? Senere som voksen har jeg været knap så meget besværet af lugten, men generalt set så lugter en storby bare ikke godt ...

When I first visited NY as a little boy (and still having a fine nose capability) I thought it the smell was awfull ... Image having to live with that everyday? Later as a grown up I have not been as troubled with the smell but anyhow the smell of big cities aren't just not good ...


New York secretes its fullest range of smells in the summer; disgusting or enticing, delicate or overpowering, they are liberated by the heat. So one sweltering weekend, I set out to navigate the city by nose. As my nostrils led me from Manhattan’s northernmost end to its southern tip, some prosaic scents recurred (cigarette butts; suntan lotion; fried foods); some were singular and sublime (a delicate trail of flowers mingling with Indian curry around 34th Street); while others proved revoltingly unique (the garbage outside a nail salon). Some smells reminded me of other places, and some will forever remind me of New York.

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