onsdag den 26. august 2009

Bing Maps WMS beta service, powered by OnTerra

Bing maps som WMS ... Hvordan i alverden ...

Bing Maps as WMS ... What's the catch ...


This is a beta service is provided by the experts at OnTerra Systems, for evaluation and testing only. It allows you to access Bing Maps base data such as ortho imagery, road data and hybrid layers (road + ortho) in Open Geospatial Consortium (OCG) - Web Mapping Service (WMS) format. This service works in conjunction with any WMS capable application. Currently this beta service supports WMS 1.3.0 and 1.1.1 standards, and primarily using web Mercator projection. We are working to make sure we can correctly support the majority of WMS enabled applications. If you have any feedback or issues email bingmapswms@onterrasys.com. [...]

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