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Helsinki City Transport Map - real-time web map of city transport

Der er noget fascinerende over real time data ...

Real time data is somehow irresistably fascinating ...


WSP LIVE works by constantly tracking the position of all the vehicles in a fleet with the latest ultra high-accuracy GPS and mobile broadband technologies. This tracking is done once a second for every vehicle on the fleet, and the results are immediately available for all your services.

The vehicles transmit their location to the WSP LIVE server once a second, and the server takes care of everything else. As this architecture sets very low requirements for the vehicle computer,WSP LIVE can be installed even on large fleets with unprecedentedly low costs. Additionally, all vehicles are fitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers to surf the web or view your information services.

Easily provide public transport signal priorities to any number of junctions.

Due to the centralized architecture in WSP LIVEcreating and modifying priorities can be done on a web interface. Simply drag a priority request to a new location, release the mouse and all your vehicles will start obeying the new priority configuration immediately.

WSP LIVE provides you and your passengers with a constant stream of up-to-date realtime information. Internet based services can be viewed at home, workplace, mobile phone or over theWSP LIVE vehicle Wi-Fi connection.

The very same services are used to create public displays at stops, terminals or any other public areas. Simply plug in any internet capable computer to create a public stop display.

Every single movement of every vehicle in your fleet is stored on the WSP LIVE server, available for later viewing at any detail. No longer will it be a mystery what a particular vehicle actually did on any given time in the past.

This enables a whole new set of tools for controlling and surveying your transport services.LIVE Control can be set to automatically compare the actual movement of vehicles against the planned routes and produce information on late or early departures or arrivals, undelivered routes etc.

WSP LIVE uses state-of-the-art statistical methods to constantly calculate stop time forecasts for every vehicle in your fleet.

Events in both present and past are used with various levels of emphasis to generate reliable stop time information that quickly adapts to changing circumstances.

These forecasts are then presented by LIVE Infoand LIVE Control on multiple platforms to be viewed by passengers and operators of different levels.

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