onsdag den 19. august 2009

The People’s Map

Kort til folket ...

Mapping for the people ...


About Us

The People’s Map is an exciting new mapping concept which enables any individual or organisation to create and maintain maps of Britain by ‘drawing’ features like roads, land use and point of interests over aerial photography, using simple online editing tools.

The information is checked and compiled to create high quality cartographic maps in various scales that can be used either as a source for finished maps or as the basis for the creation of new maps. The People’s Map data is free from third party copyright, with fair and straight forward licensing.

Getting Started

The interactive People’s Map can be viewed by clickinghere, but in order to fully utilise the powerful online edit functionality, you need to register as an editor.

A People’s Map Editor can create new or edit existing mapping and in this way contribute to keep the People’s Map up to date and relevant.

Registration is a short and simple process and you will be up and running as an editor in minutes. So why not register and get mapping!


Read more: http://peoplesmap.com/

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