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Google Chrome er ikke officielt supporteret ... SilverLight ser ud til at være det bærende element ...

Google Chrome is not officially supported ... But I see SilverLight coming ...


The Office Web Apps Are Cross Platform, Cross Browser

As we were building the Office Web Apps we set out to provide an Office quality experience regardless of which platform and which browser you use. We know that our customers will have diverse configurations, and in some cases (such as working from a library or airport kiosk) there isn’t an option to install a different browser.

The Office Web Apps work with some of the most widely used browsers, and we officially support:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Firefox 3.5 on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Safari 4 on Mac

If you prefer to use another browser you should still give the Web Apps a try. While we cannot officially support all browsers, customers will not be blocked from using them. It is a goal of the Web Apps to have broad compatibility and reach.

Not All Browsers Are Equal

While we strive to make the experience consistent across each browser we support, sometimes this isn’t possible. A browser may not offer the same level of extensibility for certain scenarios. One example of this is copying text by pressing the ‘copy’ button on the ribbon. In Internet Explorer this will work (after a prompt), but Firefox doesn’t support copying to the clipboard through mouse actions, so you’ll see a dialog from the Office Web Apps similar to the one below.


The Office Web Apps Get Better With Silverlight


Microsoft just released Silverlight 3, a free browser plugin that allows developers to build richer web experiences for many browsers and platforms. The Office Web Apps will work well without any plugins installed, but they get even better if you have Silverlight.

You may notice that when you view a Word document or PowerPoint presentation you’re prompted to install Silverlight. That’s because the Word and PowerPoint viewing experiences benefit from Silverlight.

How Does Word Web App Get Better With Silverlight?

  • Faster load performance, since typically fewer bytes need to be downloaded before showing the document.
  • Improved text fidelity at 100% zoom. This includes better text spacing and rendering.
  • Greatly improved text fidelity at other zoom levels not 100%.
  • Text will respect settings set in cleartype tuner, so you’re able to determine how much (if any) cleartype you’d like to see. The cleartype tuner is available on the web for older versions of Windows, and is included in Windows 7.
  • Improved accuracy of hit highlighting in Find.

PowerPoint Web App Gets Better With Silverlight Too

There are some automatic benefits to having Silverlight installed when running the PowerPoint Web App. For example, animations smooth out a bit, and the slide will scale with the browser window size. However Silverlight is not required for rendering or animation.

If you’d like to get the benefits mentioned above when using the Office Web Apps,install Silverlight. If you’d prefer not to install Silverlight the Office Web Apps will still work well in the browser you choose to use - allowing you to work anywhere, no matter what machine setup you happen to find. [...]

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