fredag den 7. august 2009

Plan Yor Mobile Ad-hoc Networks — In Minutes.

Uden månelandingerne ingen NesCafe ... Uden militæret ingen ...

Long live the military ...


In modern warfare, the network is the battlefield. Given what’s at stake, it’s critical that network designs, including software-, hardware-, human, and Internet-in-the-loop behavior, be examined and understood in the context of the environment they will need to survive in.

Visualize. Design. Optimize.
VisNet Defense is a new network planning tool that combines the realism and ease of a Google Earth™ type visualization with ultra-high fidelity network simulation. VisNet enables non-cyberspecialist users to view and quickly grasp the mechanics of the network, then easily construct simulated networks for operations planning and review. No network protocol knowledge is needed; users just click-and-drag components from a pre-populated list of devices and applications.

The technical complexities of network construction are stripped out for ease of use by non-technical teams. Yet the breakthrough power of VisNet is that it is based on the world’s most advanced network simulation engine, making it possible for viewers to open and view scenarios with tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices.

VisNet Defense enables technical and non-technical teams to collaborate on network design, development, and deployment using a common set of simulation models and device configurations. Scenario files can be directly output to advanced simulation and emulation tools for later-stage test, evaluation, and deployment.

Powerful GIS and Network Visualization
VisNet incorporates the same computing technology that powers Scalable Network Technologies’ QualNet® and EXata® software. The network simulation engine in VisNet accurately represents network devices, transmitters, antennas, terrestrial characteristics, and human interactions-- at real time speed. Because of SNT’s super-efficient parallel kernel, VisNet can support high fidelity network models while still maintaining real-time speed, even in large-scale networks. [...]

VisNet Defense screenshot with plane over terrain

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