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ArcGIS JavaScript API Part 1: Getting Started

Det hele kunne starte her ...

If not yet here is the oppertunity to get started ...


This article is the first in a new series covering the new ArcGIS JavaScript API and the ArcGIS JavaScript Extension for the Google Maps API. I am particularly interested in the integration of ArcGIS Server with Google Maps and Google Mapplets so my focus will be oriented toward that particular subject. Today I will introduce the ArcGIS JavaScript API and show you how easy it is to create simple web mapping applications with this API. Future articles in this series will focus more on the integration of ArcGIS Server with Google Maps and Mapplets.


According to ESRI, the ArcGIS JavaScript API is "a browser based API for developing high performance, easy to use mapping applications. The API allows you to easily embed maps in your web pages". Carla Wheeler, ArcWatch Editor, gives a great overview of the JavaScript API so I am not going to go into great detail on the high level details of the API. With some understanding of HTML and JavaScript it becomes fairly simple to create web mapping applications and mashup content from other web services. Previous to the release of the JavaScript API, the .NET and Java Web ADFs were (and still are) available, but both require considerable programming skills to implement. As I have mentioned before, I suspect that the new JavaScript API and the extenders for Google Maps and Virtual Earth will bring a lot of renewed interest to ArcGIS Server, and will undoubtedly bring a lot of new developers to the platform.

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