mandag den 10. august 2009

Visualizing Governance: the World Freedom Atlas

Man glemmer let at det ikke er alle som har den samme frihed som vi har ...

You easily forget about all the people with less or no freedom at all ...


This past November saw the launch of the World Freedom Atlas by Zachary F. Johnson, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. The project started as a final thesis for a geography class. In the words of its author, the Atlas is "an interactive geovisualisation tool for world statistics, designed for social scientists, journalists, NGO/IGO workers and others who wish to have a better understanding of issues of freedom, democracy, human rights and good governance."

It draws on no less than 300 cross-country indicators compiled by the Quality of Governance Institute in Goteborg, Sweden. The World Governance Indicators, which are among the 42 datasets featured in the Atlas, aggregate many of these same indicators. A welcome addition to the interactive tools to visualize global governance, the World Freedom Atlas is also a testimony to the potential of data as a tool for advocacy.

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