tirsdag den 30. december 2008

Capture.NET: A Swiss Army Knife For Your PC

Prøvede at hente den og nu sidder den allerede fast på min desktop. Umiddelbart ser den meget anvendelig ud og vi får se hvor længe den får lov at blive siddende ;-)

Downloaded it and now it sits comfortably on my desktop. At first glance it does look quite handy and time will show how long it gets to stay ... ;-)


I am talking about capture.NET. The tool is aptly called the Swiss army knife of PC tools because it just does so many things. I must confess that after looking at the site and its presentation I was a little wary of malware. However I submitted the file to VirusTotal and the results were 0 positive on 38 engines, so I went ahead and double-clicked to launch.

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