torsdag den 25. december 2008

The State of the Map 2009 is Coming to Amsterdam

Open source har vist sit værd og i de seneste år har open source indenfor for kortdata også begyndt at vise sit værd. Data har det bedst hvis det er fælles data - ingen kommerciel organisation uanset størrelse kan vedligeholde den mængde at kortdata som der findes - det kan kun lade sig gøre hvis man løfter i fælles flok ...

Open source has shown us that there is an alternative to commercial companies and over the last few years the same tendency has been evident for map data. No matter how big an organisation you have it's only gonna work if everybody contribute ...


It was the first country to be completed in OpenStreetMap, its the home of TomTom, TeleAtlas, AND, a thriving OSM community and now its hosting the State of the Map.  This July, Amsterdam will host the greatest gathering of OSMers the world has ever seen.  The State of the Map 2009 will build upon the success of the last two events by adding a third day to the event. [...]

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