tirsdag den 23. december 2008

New Improved Ancient Rome 3D

Jeg havde problemer med at se byen for bare polygoner ... det kan være jeg skulle prøve igen ...

I had problems seeing Rome ... perhaps I should try again now ...


When Google introduced the new Ancient Rome 3D layer last month there was a problem. The problem was the building models were derived from very complex data and the resulting 3D models in Google Earth were still too complicated for most computers to handle. I did some testing and it was clear in some cases a single building in Ancient Rome had tens to hundreds of thousands of polygons (a typical 3D building model in Google Earth may only have a few dozen or a couple of hundred polygons). It was little wonder there were many complaints that the new layer was too slow for most people to really use.

Well this past week, Google pushed out new improved Ancient Rome 3D models where the models have been simplified a great deal. I haven't seen an announcement yet, but I found out last week the models were much better. It still can take a few minutes to load the terrain and buildings (depending on your Internet connection and computer). But, I'm able to run the new layer on my Mac Book Pro laptop and fly around and look at the buildings much more fluidly than before. Building polygon counts are much better now. [...]

Read more: http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2008/12/new_improved_ancient_rome_3d.html

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