tirsdag den 30. december 2008

New Features: Team Maps and Quiz Maps



Map Channels


Two new features have been released at Map Channels this month:

[1] Team Maps (www.mapchannels.com/TeamMaps.aspx) : Use Team maps to embed a map which can be edited by visitors to your web site or blog. Extensive options are available to customize the map data and presentation.

[2] Quiz Maps (www.mapchannels.com/QuizMaps.aspx) : Test your geographical and anagram solving skills with Quiz Maps. Separate quizzes are available for World capitals and US state capitals with Panoramio images used as quiz clues. Also Map Search, Wikipedia and Panoramio layers are available when the quiz is not running.

Please send any comments and suggestions to us at mapchannels@gmail.com. Thanks to all the users who have helped development with feedback and donations over the past year. More new projects are due for release early in the new year.

Read more: http://www.mapchannels.com/

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