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Announcing the Map Templates Resource Center

Der burde være mulighed for lidt inspiration her ...

Get som inspiration and tips here ...


This post is to announce the Map Templates Resource Center. Map templates are useful examples. Each map template is a kit that contains a collection of resources needed to transfer a specific map’s design and ArcGIS implementation to you.

These templates are not the template map documents that you might have saved as an .MXT file. Instead these templates are .ZIP files that typically include:

  • An example map document file (.mxd) that you should explore and use to learn how we used ArcMap to make the map.
  • Some sample data; sometimes a map is not enough and seeing how we structured the data makes a big difference.
  • Documentation ranging from how to get started to descriptions of critical tasks that might not be obvious to even advanced ArcGIS users.

Some templates will include additional resources like:

  • Geoprocessing tools or models to help you expedite any required data processing. Sometimes it is necessary to make typical GIS data map-worthy, and when that involves geoprocessing we’ll include the tools or cover the essential steps in the template’s documentation.
  • An example web application. This can range from a simple set of HTML code for designing pop-ups that show something informative, to a complete example application written in Flex, JavaScript, or Silverlight.

To get started with the templates, click the Map Template Gallery tab and find a template you might be interested in. Click on the template’s name to go to its webpage. There you can read about the template, download it, and if you’ve got questions as you use the template, use the comments section. The ESRI Cartography Team (cartographers from the Mapping Center and ArcGIS Online Content Teams) will be monitoring the comments.

The Map Templates Resource Center complements the ESRI Mapping Center by providing useful examples, while Mapping Center will continue to provide cartographic guidance and the details of specific cartographic methods. That means you will soon be seeing some more detailed content about these templates on Mapping Center.

Finally, included in the initial set of templates (there are more coming) are a set of three that we developed based on a new upcoming ArcGIS Online Topographic map. That map will be available on ArcGIS Online within the next month or so. [...]

Source: ESRI Mapping Center

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