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Cartographic Styling using CSS, GSS

I et tidligere indlæg (http://gisdk.blogspot.com/2009/05/gss-geo-style-sheets.html) nævnte jeg ideen med at anvende CSS lignende metoder til styring af kartografi: GSS. Ideen er åbenbart ikke ny og der er varme fortalere for den derude. 

PS. Og til Sven: Nej det er ikke ESRI template fil-formater jeg tænker på her ...

In an earlier post (http://gisdk.blogspot.com/2009/05/gss-geo-style-sheets.html) i mentioned the idea of using CSS like methods to control the cartography of maps: GSS. The idea is apparently not new and there are other thinkers out there like me ...


[...] For mere historical reasons as it seems, the naked payload data on Shape-files always needs to be accompanied by sidecar files for storing symbology, metadata and other human readable information. As clean it is programmatically to have content and display separated, the more trouble it generates downstream if GIS numerology needs to take on gestalt and visualisation. By the way,Gestalt in German literally means "shape" or "figure".

When we started United Maps, one of the first and naive questions I posted to the ESRI folks was about a CSS-like method of styling large amounts of GIS-data, whole countries on a 1:2000 scale and 21 zoom levels. I could have asked for their latest extraterrestial communication a their eyes went funny. Such a thing would not exist, the answer was, at least not as I envisioned it. [...]

Takes me into a loop - how can we compare the ol' ESRI workhorse approach to the CSS trick pony that Sean Gillies points to here, animating Homer Simpson only using CSS? What's the limits of CSS, how quickly does it render large scale, highly detailed maps, does it work well on mobile browsers? The really long thread of 60 comments beyond the original article carries a lot more. [...]

As Jeffrey demonstrated at WhereCamp, CSS can be put to work:

All done with GSS-Styles like this

body: {     fillStyle: "#fff",     lineWidth: 0,      }, node: {     fillStyle: "#ddd",     strokeStyle: "#090",     lineWidth: 0,     radius: 1 }, way: {     strokeStyle: function() {          return "rgba(1,1,1,0.7)"         //return color_from_string(this.user)     },     strokeStyle: "#ccc",     lineWidth: 3 }, leisure: {     fillStyle: "#2a2",     lineWidth: 3,     strokeStyle: "#181" }, park: {     fillStyle: "#2a2",     lineWidth: 3,     strokeStyle: "#181",     pattern: "/images/pattern-water.gif" }, 

Hey, how smart is that! [...]

Source: United Maps

Read more: http://unitedmaps.net/archives/20090525-Cartographic-Styling-using-CSS,-GSS.html

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