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Beyond Voting: Why Editorially Driven Social News Sites Matter

For mange år siden ('97 eller '98) hørte jeg om et system kaldet GrapeVine som Danfoss var ved at kikke på og overvejede at implemenetere / anvende. Allerede dengang var den elektroniske nyhedsstrøm enorm og voksende, så GrapeVine var et system hvori man i fællesskab fik bragt de vigtigste informationer til de rigtige mennesker. Udfra din profil kunne man abonnere og stemme på 'indlæg' (al form for digital information på firmaets intranet) som så ville boble op eller ned i systemet alt afhængig af hvem som stemte og hvem som læste ... Gad vide hvad der sidenhen hændte ...

Many years ago ('97 or '98) I heard about a system called GrapeVine - a system about to be tested at the Danish company Danfoss. Already at that time the amounts of electronic information was enormous and growing. GrapeVine was a system in which you together (socially) made important information get to the right people. From each individuals profile you could sunscribe to and vote on information coming your way - that was all digital information found on the companys intranet .... this system would enable information to bubble up or dive down in the system dependently of who voted and who read ... I wonder what happened to that system?


Power to the people!  Sites like Digg, Reddit, Propeller and Mixx have become popular social news sites due to the community driven aspect that fuels them.  Traditionally these news sites offer “digital democracy” that entices users because they themselves are able to determine what is (and isn’t) news.  However, a different form of social news not only exists, but flourishes: “editorial social news.”

Editorially driven social news allows users to submit articles for consideration, but content is chosen by editors who handpick it from a wide selection of submissions.  While this may not sound “social,” users generally can comment and rate the content, as well as submit links.  These sites are continually popular and can send large amounts of traffic and massive amounts of visibility to a story.  Some of the most prominent editorial social news sites are FarkSlashdotI-Am-Bored and Ebaumsworld.  Many users prefer these sites because they contain less spam and the content found on the homepage is fairly stable and doesn’t vary a great deal. [...]

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