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Using Google Earth to Play 'Ships'

Google Earth er en platform til mange ting ... alvor og leg og alt det ind imellem ...

Google Earth is a pltform for a lot of things ... serious business and fun play and all in betweeen ...


In this ship simulation program you get to be the helmsman of your own fleet of ships. "Ships" will take you past worlds incredible scenery at a leisurely pace. All you need to play ships is a small Google Earth plugin.
The idea to use Google map data for a game came almost 2 years ago. The "Ships" concept was initially written in 
Scratch  Since the release of the Google Earth plugin and it's versatile programmers interface it became feasible to write a comprehensive application using Google Map data.

"Ships" is a case study / Technology show piece that demonstrates what can be achieved with Google Earth. While map data has a tremendous value for practical purposes, it can also be used as a backdrop for a range of games.

Special thanks go to Frank Taylor. As a blue water skipper and a well informed blogger on issues related to Google Earth he was a valuable source of knowledge and I enjoyed the many hint's and tips that came my way. Keep an eye on his excellent blog. There, You'll read the latest news related to Google Earth. 
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Of course we are always looking for new projects or contracts that involve simulation or anything related to Google Maps. If you have a need for a map related application be it business or leisure, I may be able to help.

In the mean time we will pursue a range of interesting Google Earth projects with the simple desire to get even better and learn more. "Ships" will become a small module in a much bigger game concept for which we seek investors.

If you wish to talk about your application needs then feel free to 
contact us

Click here to play "ships" now

A photo opportunity in front of down town San Francisco. Thanks to the ever expanding building detail in Google Earth we can now enjoy city views from any angle you can imagine. The 3D buildings will push your computer to the limits due to the great detail. If things get too choppy you can always turn off the buildings by pressing "B" (Buildings) to toggle them on or off. Did I mention "F" for the fog horn? Go it.

Enough leisure, it is time to get back to work. So you thought that the Queen Mary is big? Wait untill you see this puppy! The Emma Maersk is worlds largest container ship. it is capable to carry 11 thousand 20 foot containers. With a length of 397 meters (1300 foot) it is worlds longest ship, so where better to start than the mighty Container terminal on Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam. The Emma Maersk is just loaded up and is waiting for a last minute fuel top up. You can see your refuel ship in the foreground.

Here we are a little bit closer. Now that refueling ship is not a small vessel but it looks like a small dingy along side the Emma Maersk. You get to control whatever ship you want. And guess what! you are not stuck to water either. I just could not help myself and had to include a different mode of transport...

Yes, that is right we are going airborne! Included is the airship Hindenburg. This airship is famous for it's fiery end in 1937 when it burned up in a little over half a minute in Lakehust USA. Using hydrogen was dangerous but the Americans refused to sell the operator the much safer helium so they took a chance. But, Hindenburg was a luxery mode of travel and did very well for over a year before it's fatal accident. You get to enjoy the leisurly and calm mode of cruising through the air. Make sure you visit the Swiss alps and make sure to look down to see the ships shadow creep up the mountain slopes. The big yellow sign? Yeah, I want to take this software much further and for that I am looking for investors. Sorry about the advert, I just could not resist. [...]

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