onsdag den 27. maj 2009

Live Blogging The Google I/O Keynote

Mange interessante nyheder fra Google I/O 2009 ...

A lot of interesting news from the Google I/O 2009 ...


by Danny Sullivan 

I’m at the Google I/O conference, where it is being opened by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

He’s welcoming the audience and saying it’s great to be in front of programmers and saying, “it’s time. it’s time for us to take advantage of the amazing opportunity before us … it has been 20 years trying to build a programming model that’s the right one.”

Internet programming is the right way. Have the network, the programmers to build the right types of opportunities out there.

Expects Android to have a strong year, thousands of apps and lots of hardware partners who are innovating to take phones that do much more.

It’s time, he says, because there’s the power to do things simply, to make them work.

There’s a new model of programming, where you can pick the best code around and mash it together. “We can take the collective intelligence of the internet … and do amazing things.”

My message to you is that this is the beginning of the real win of cloud computing, of applications, of the internet, which is changing the paradigm that we’ve all grown up with so that it just works … regardless of platform or hardware you’re using. [And a lot more ...]

Source: Search Engine Land

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