onsdag den 27. maj 2009

Where 2.0 Re-Cap

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[...] Some of the applications of ubiquitous geolocation are really, really dull. Every framework and operating system is now adding a "geolocation API" which does little more than spit back a location-you-are-in-right-now. So Google demonstrated a "blue dot" on their maps, that takes you do your current location. Microsoft demonstrated Windows 7 location API, that provides all apps access to your current location (subject to various privacy controls). Nokia showed similar stuff. I met a Mozilla developer who is adding a location API to Firefox, same story.

Another predictable (but not dull) application of ubiquitous geolocation is spatial data mining. We will see more and more data mining going forward, but at Where I had my first exposure to the results of this technology, in a pair of talks on Wednesday.  [...]

My observation was that it is odd that introverted geeks are laboring long hours to create applications that make it easier to "meet people". What kind of self-respecting introvert wants to go around meeting people? (Incidentally, the Skyhook talk also included a hilarious example "use case" of an iPhone app that let you both call for a cab and specify your destination, so (as Ted noted) you could get from point A to B in a cab without ever having to speak to a person. Sold!) [...]

Source: Direction Magazine

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