onsdag den 27. maj 2009

Google Holodeck: StreetView In 360 Degrees

Endnu et indlæg om Google StreetView 360 graders vieweren ...

Another post on the Google StreetView 360 viewer ...


The StreetView simulator is designed for an audience of one. It’s a small circular room with a chair in the middle, with images from the Mountain View area constantly being projected. Grab a seat, and you can watch yourself drive virtually through the area, in all directions.

It’s pretty cool. Google’s well known for the many toys and attractions it has at the Googleplex, ranging from the Google Whiteboard Master Plan to the dinosaurs on campus to a replica of SpaceShipOne. Interactively speaking, there’s a live display of search queries shown in various lobbies and a model of the world showing in light where searches are happening. [...]

Google StreetView Holodeck

Source: Search Engine Land

Read more: http://searchengineland.com/google-holodeck-streetview-in-360-degrees-19808

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