mandag den 25. maj 2009

MapTube - a flexible data visualisation system

Publisér dine data på Google Maps ...

Publish data on Google Maps ...


London Tube Map
A map of the London Underground with geographically correct station positions taken from wikimedia.
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Assault using Knife or Sharp Object - 2006/07
Directly age standardised hospital admissions for knife attacks 2006/07
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Global MacDonalds Big Mac Prices 2007
Illustrates the local price (in USD) of a MacDonalds BigMac in various countries round the world.
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MapTube is a free resource for viewing, sharing, mixing and mashing maps online. Created by UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, users can select any number of maps to overlay and view.

MapTube is a flexible data visualisation system linked to CASA's GMapCreater software. Compatible with both Google Maps and OpenLayers it allows geographic data to be quickly and easily overlayed. All the data is converted to a raster format, allowing a flexible approach to the normal copyright issues associated with distributing information via the web. MapTube also allows near real-time geographic surveys, it has been used extensively by the BBC for both radio and television based surveys.

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