torsdag den 21. maj 2009

An Esperanto Atlas, Anyone?

At oversætte et kort ...

To translate a map ...


[...] Clearly the old adage that “everyone speaks English these days” isn’t entirely true, no matter how much influence our cousins from across the Atlantic cast around the globe. In the world of atlases, especially at Collins Geo, there has never been more interest in non-English language products. With this in mind we are always striving to create an international atlas, one that can be used in as many markets as possible, or at least one that is easy to adapt to different markets. But is it possible to create a genuinely international atlas? If not in English could Collins Geo make an Esperanto atlas? It would certainly make my job a lot easier and after all, the translations already exist;Munkeno for Munich for example. Or could we even consider Volapük as the starting language (now there’s something to Google or wiki).

Times Universal Atlas of the World, English, Norwegian & Dutchversions. [...]

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  1. I find this idea very good, a Monda Atlaso
    Mi trovas tio estas bona ideo - Monda Atlaso.

    Perhaps you contact Mondial
    Eble vi kontaktu Mondial

    From the Esperanto Academy - suggestions
    El la Akademio de Esperanto - sugestoj