torsdag den 14. maj 2009

Offline maps for iPhone & iPod Touch

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Offline Maps on your iPhone and iPod Touch

OffMaps let's you take your maps offline. It is the ideal companion for any iPhone and iPod Touch user, who wants to access maps when travelling abroad (and avoid data roaming charges) and who wants to have fast access to maps at all times. This app (and the icon) just has to be on the right hand side of Apple's built-in maps app.

OffMaps uses OpenStreetMaps that include a lot more information than simple road maps: from ATMs and train stations to restaurants and pubs!You choose which areas to download instead of buying a new app for every city you want to visit. 

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  1. Hi here is a map application that lets you visualize any map offline, and also search for places and calculate routes wihout an internet connection too...