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The Google Way: How One Company is Revolutionizing Management As We Know It


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Editorial Reviews

"The Google Way is a well thought-out, well-executed book that combines knowledge of the business world with extensive research to describe the rise of a corporate giant...I highly recommend this book." 

"Should you land an interview soon, here's a question you might hear that's not out of left field: 'What's the last book you read?' Take the time to make it The Google Way." 

Product Description

Shortly after World War I, Ford and GM created the large modern corporation, with its financial and statistical controls, mass production, and assembly lines. In the 1980s, Toyota stood out for combining quality with continuous refinement. Today, Google is reinventing business yet again-the way we work, how organizations are controlled, and how employees are managed.

Management consultant Bernard Girard has been analyzing Google since its founding in 1998, and now in The Google Way, he explores Google's innovations in depth-many of which are far removed from the best practices taught at the top business schools.

As you read, you'll see how much of Google's success is due to its focus on users and automation. You'll also learn how eCommerce has profoundly changed the relationship between businesses and their customers, for the first time giving customers an important role to play in a major corporation's growth. Finally, Girard speculates about the limits of Google's business model and discusses the challenges it will face as it continues to grow.

Google's culture is one of innovation. Why not make that spirit of innovation your own?


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