onsdag den 27. maj 2009

Projecting KML

KML har løst mangt og meget, men man kommer ikke udenom projektionerne ...

KML has solved many a problem but it is still up to you to re-project ...


[...] The coordinate system of KML is geographic (latitude/longitude) coordinates on the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84) datum. Geobrowsers use different projection techniques to render a KML document. Google Earth uses a General Perspective projection, which is similar to the Orthographic projection (see Larry Moores informed speculation of the Google Earth projection). Google Maps and Microsoft's Live Maps both use Mercator projection, which is a good choice for a map that canbe panned and zoomed seamlessly. [...]


Source: The Thematic Mapping Blog

Read more: http://blog.thematicmapping.org/2009/05/projecting-kml.html

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