torsdag den 21. maj 2009

Exploring Stereo 3D Feature Extraction (Part 1)

Tænk hvis vi alle var kykloper ... så var der ingen måde at snyde hjernen ind i den 3. dimmension ...

What if we all were cyclops ... no way we could cheat our brain into the 3rd dimmension ...


Stereo feature extraction is inherently 3D. The vector data are measured in X, Y, and Z by manipulating a floating cursor while viewing a stereo pair of left and right images. As a result, the point, line, and polygon feature data all have Z values associated with each vertex. Because GIS developed in a 2D paradigm, many early stereo feature extraction packages were coupled with CAD environments as a platform. Basically a stereo viewer would be added for stereo image viewing and 3D measurement, and the feature data would render in the application's native “viewer”. In more recent times applications have been developed for GIS packages in addition to CAD environments, as well as a number of native applications that do not require platform technology.

Stereo Feature Extraction in PRO600
Source: The Fiducial Mark

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