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Loading Shapefiles into the ESRI Silverlight map without uploading to the server

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Posted by viswaug 

[...] There are a lot more things that the Silverlight plug-in is capable of that a lot of web-mapping applications can use. The ESRI Silverlight API packs a lot of punch but there are still a lot more holes to be filled. So, to help fill those holes, I have started an open-source project on CodePlex where I have uploaded some of the useful things that I have been working on. Please find the link to the project below.

ESRI Silverlight API Contrib

The project currently contains the following features.

1) A custom GeoRSS layer type that can be added to the ESRI Silverlight API map.

2) An custom map layer where the image is created dynamically in the browser itself. The current layer regenerates the image for the layer multiples times a second to simulate ripples on the map.

3) Utility classes that will help users load shapefiles from their computer directly on to the Silverlight API map without uploading the shapefile to the server

Please download and use the project as you see fit. Even better, you can sign-up as a contributor and help grow the project and the codebase. I also welcome any and all inputs on other ideas for new features that you might want to see added or critiques of the current codebase. [...]

Source: Vish's Rambling

Read more: http://viswaug.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/loading-shapefiles-into-the-esri-silverlight-map-without-uploading-to-the-server/

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